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Great works of art can be found throughout history, you can see them in books, paintings, music and great architecture. Do we still see those great works created today? In our modern world of happy pills and treat everything that is there I believe we are curing ourselves out of some of the great works. There have been a few in the past 20 or so years though and some has come to us though the medium of film.


So let us first define what a great work is, it is not a Sci-Fi comic adapted, or futuristic utopia story like Star Trek, or X-Men. What a great work is something that tells a story gives a message passes along some hidden knowledge to those that can see it and understand it. We know we are approaching the end of the calendar and there have been many warnings about what is to come with the changeover but the only one believed to have been done is by Stanley Kubrick in 2001: a space oddesy. I will not even try to explain all the reasons for this since another fellow has already done a fantastic job of this. On his website Jay Weidner has done a complete examination of the film 2001 and has explained many of the alchemical properties of the film. You can see it all here.

As for my own observations here are a couple of shots that might be of interest one from the opening of the film and one from today’s NASA gallery eerily similar I think.

Here is another shot from within the film can you see the precision of the shot with respect to the monolith of man.

Yes we have been graced with some great work but we really have to look for them today, let us hope we don’t happy pill away all our great artists.

Thumbnail get better

Thumbnail Images

Thumbnail images received what I think is the best improvement in this release. The ability to choose the crop position for the images. Featured image sizes are generally registered like this:

1 add_image_size( 'screenshot', 300, 300 );

You now have the option of passing crop parameters as an array:

1 add_image_size( 'screenshot', 300, 300, array( 'left', 'top' ) );

Other crop anchors are (top, left, right, bottom, center).

Previously when you uploaded an image you where at the mercy of the system for cropping and well as many people know you could sometime get some unique thumbnails. This will help with issue as you can tell it how to crop specific sizes and get the image you want.

Theme and plugin developers can now remove_image_size() and check has_image_size().

Post classes also now display a “has-post-thumbnail” class if a featured image is set, which is something I’ve needed several times. It’s great that it’s now part of core.

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The stars shine brightly


In Life we are often visited with sudden departures of loved ones. Tonight I have the sad news of reporting that our beloved Satet has passed on. She was a well loved cat and we shall miss her. Born June 20, 2005 - Died May 7, 2009. Satet was a well relaxed cat who suffered a sudden blood clot that caused massive paralysis; unfortunately there was nothing that could be done for her. Satet has moved on back to the great continuum of life and rejoined the energy force that is all of us.

We know from the last poste I did that life will suddenly seem very unfair and this is one of those moments when that happens, be it a cat or a brother, the suddenness of death can take its toll. No matter the loved one lost when it happens for no apparent reason we are brought to that thought again about Gods and do they really care about fairness. In reality is has nothing to do with fairness but everything to do with the way of existence and the continual rotation of life in all its forms.

Yes, life is in many forms from the lowest microbe to the beings which we cannot begin to place our thoughts upon to even view or glimpse. Life is always recycling from birth to existence to death and then it starts all over again. This great continuum of energy is what supports the universe in its entirety. The energy moves from one part to the next part sometimes breaking off to try its hand for a bit at an existence in a corporal body.

Sometimes that corporal body is human sometimes it’s an animal sometimes it is corporal for many years sometimes for only a few brief ones. But, each time it is for reasons of learning and to find out the answer to the big question, which is what is existence and what is its use. The main use for this energy moving into a corporal body is to learn and to expand its own knowledge and then carry that knowledge back to the central core.

The biggest knowledge it seeks is to understand that which we call Love, which comes in so many forms it is very hard to even understand it at all. It may be the simple love one feel for their pet or it may be the intense Love one feels for their chosen partner in life. It could even be the Love one feel for their child which can be the most intense Love of all. This is the love that transcends the second biggest Love of all which is the Love of one’s self.

This is something that has ben studied by the greatest philosophers, musicians and poets in history. The best that has ever come out of what our weak human minds can put together is the beautiful poems, music and stories from some of the greats in history.

Something I wrote about 12 years ago:

The stars shine brightly
Upon the eastern sky
as we gaze forward
and then look upon
we can follow a single
Star across the sky
and from east to west
we come to realize
The night is not forever
but that it will End
and a new day will Dawn
bringing with it Hope and
Promise and a feeling that
All Life Will Arise and
Begin Anew

That I wrote that so many years ago is sometimes surprising to be but not, this comes from one of my handwritten journals, if you never created one I would highly recommend it, for when you review them from time to time you will find you have placed so much in there.


Have you been scammed today?


No well you are one of the fortunate ones unfortunately many people fall prey to very simple scams. In particular the biggest one going is around domain registration. Recently a client of mine was scammed on their domain name here is the drill.

A company called US Domain Registrar (who is actually reseller for and not a true registrar) send out the faxes with some great legal mumbo-jumbo on them designed to scare you into believing you are losing your domain or to get you to register a variation of your current domain i.e. the .us version vs. the .com version.

This fax or email as is often the case seem so legit that many folks who do not know how the registration of their domain is handled fall for the bait and send them money. The company US Domain Registrar then charges you $60US (domains are anywhere from $8US year and up) per year for the domain and what do they do they registrar the domain in their name and in their paper work say they point it to your current domain. In practice what they do is point the domain to an advertising page and make money off your twice once for the registration and once for the ads that show when people click them.

So if you see one of the emails or faxes do not send them money, do not give them your credit card, first check with your web designer about your domain. A reputable web designer will help you maintain the proper registration of your domain and any alternates you may want or need. Most of all do not send any money to US Domain Registrar it is a scam.

Big Brother and the Grocery Stores are Watching You

chanel-surfingSo how much does the internet and all the numerous data bases know about you. Do they maybe know you even better than you know yourself? You do know that if you filled out proper personal info for that club/saving/special card from the grocery store/coffee shop/ect that everything you buy no matter how inconsequential it may be they are storing all that information in a data base somewhere until the day comes when they figure out a use for it.

Well in the US at the Safeway/Vons, Pepsi and Foursquare have found a use for that data now. Check this article the data is so personalized that coupons that are instantly available are tied to the types of badges you have earned in foursquare. No correct me if I am wrong here but this is begging to seem an awful lot like that move Minority Report where they have that one scene where Tom Cruses Character heads though the mall and the billboards scan his eyes and start presenting him with coupons and specials tailored to his persona purchase likes and dislikes.

This also begs the question how far will these companies go when using your data. Well no distance is too far. There have been reports about grocery stores using the data in a person’s club card purchases to defend against lawsuits that are brought against the companies. I could not seem to locate the webpage again, where I had read about it was some lawyers sight I am sure. The gist of the article was that certain purchases the person had made helped to bring about the thing they where suing the company over.

Or even better your data being used against you and being completely wrong. As this case of a man falsely arrested based on his shopping data. Safeway shopper card leads to arson arrest so you think about what you are buying with that shopper card. Who know what might get used against you.

This sort of thing just goes on and on for instance do you know that Facebook is Becoming Main Source Of Evidence For Divorce Lawyers as explained here So as I tell the groups I present to on social media be careful what you place online or what you share with a grocery chain just for that discount. It all may come back to bite you in the ass.

The strangest thing I get from many people is that if you have nothing to hide why worry about it. Well ask the firefighter from Seattle about that. He had nothing to hide yet he was the one arrested simply because he had bought the same product used to start the fire. So is it really true that if you have nothing to hide you should not worry.

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